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We are committed to our customers as they endeavor to maintain a balance between the demand for their products and the need for clean air and water.


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Selenium is no longer a big problem. Standalone, all weather SeHAWK™ bioreactor packages pack a lot of treatment in a small package - saving millions towards the cost of reliable, proven compliance.

Oil & gas

Developing reliable biological selenium solutions for stripped sour water polishing and refinery wastewaters.


Delivering proven ash pond and integrated FGD process equipment solutions that effectively address selenium, nitrate, arsenic and mercury to new regulatory limits.


Treatment and reuse of selenium laden water from western agricultural operations.


Maintaining regulatory discharge compliance for selenium, nitrate and metals limits in reverse osmosis brine waste and providing integrated packages for drinking water production from contaminated water.

Frontier has delivered what they promised and continue to stand behind their product. I’m happy to report that the system works ‘as advertised’.

— Environmental Director, Western USA Quarry

Case Studies

Selenium and Metals Removal with SeHAWK™ 500

mining Mining | Quarry, Western USA
 Completed 2014

A western US quarry evaluated Frontier technology in order to meet compliance for selenium and metals from pit dewatering operations. Following a successful pilot study conducted between September and December 2013, Frontier was evaluated against other alternative technologies and selected on the basis of cost, footprint and water quality performance. The system was designed, delivered and commissioned within 10 months of selection for a make water date in October 2014.

FGD Wastewater Treatment

power Power | Various sites, Southeastern USA

Frontier has conducted several pilot studies on a variety of FGD wastewaters in the southeasten USA in order to evaluate performance using different pretreatment strategies for scaling and oxidant control as well as other key biological process operating parameters.

Selenium and Nitrate Treatment with SeHAWK™ 250

mining Mining | Copper Mine, Western USA
 Completed 2015

In an effort to proactively address selenium in order to ensure consistent compliance with state standards, a western USA copper mine selected Frontier to provide a SeHAWK™ 250 for treatment of nitrate and selenium. The system was installed in less than 3 months and has been operational since April 2015, delivering predictably high water quality performance. The mine evaluated several options including other biological and chemical treatment alternatives and concluded the SeHAWK™ would deliver the best performance with the smallest environmental footprint and lowest total installed cost.