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SeHAWK Bioreactors

Small footprint
Big Impact

Delivering modular, prefabricated, mobile and turnkey equipment solutions for selenium, nitrate, and metals treatment.

With a smaller footprint, lower price point and unmatched resulting water quality, SeHAWK® will change the way you think about selenium treatment.

SeHAWK® Integrated Solutions
SeHAWK® Mobile


Accelerating a natural process

Frontier’s engineered bioreactors harness the same microbiological processes found in nature to rapidly accelerate the removal of contaminants of concern, such as selenium and nitrate.




A Natural Evolution in Selenium Treatment

At Frontier, we envision a world where clean lakes and rivers can be maintained alongside industries that produce raw materials, power and energy we all need to get through life. With our innovative and cost effective water treatment products, you don’t have to choose.


Solutions for today’s industry

We are committed to our customers as they endeavor to maintain a balance between the demand for their products and the need for clean water. Our solutions are built to solve industry’s water challenges without breaking the bank.

Mining Ash Ponds Power Agriculture Municipal

The Frontier system has been instrumental in successfully reducing our environmental footprint. It has proven to be effective at removing 97% of the selenium from our stream, at a remarkably smaller footprint and lower cost over other options that we evaluated.

— Environmental Manager at Western US Copper Mine