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Consistent performance under the toughest conditions

The SeHAWK® FGD is engineered specifically to meet the stringent EPA steam electric effluent limitation guidelines (ELGs) for selenium, nitrate, and metals. Prefabricated, modular bioreactors  are integrated with ultrafiltration and scaled to fit a wide range of flows and water qualities. The SeHAWK® FGD equipment is designed for both indoor and outdoor installation and is resilient to changes in feed water temperature and chemistry. All wetted equipment and tanks feature non-metallic construction for superior resistance to corrosion.


Specification Value
Flow Range 100 – 1600 gpm
Number of parallel SeHAWK® Trains 1 – 12
TDS Tolerance 40,000 mg/L
Chloride Tolerance 17,000 mg/L
Selenium Removal Efficiency 95%
Equipment Delivery Timeline < 18 Months

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Backed by the largest service network in the U.S., Frontier provides a range of operational assistance and support for SeHAWK® facilities through the SeHAWK® Care and Service program.

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