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At Frontier Water Systems, our work does not end with equipment delivery and commissioning. With a robust team of field engineers and biological water treatment experts, Frontier provides unprecedented service and operational support for optimal performance. Frontier’s skilled staff work alongside operators to provide oversight, support, and expertise to ensure the SeHAWK® and supporting equipment remain in peak operational condition.


The SeHAWK® Care and Service package is tailored to meet each individual client’s needs. Frontier combines regular site presence with powerful data analysis tools for optimal system design and operation. Service is delivered by a team of degreed engineers, with hands-on field experience, that are skilled in areas of process troubleshooting, performance optimization, and data interpretation. Through strategic support and collaboration, a Care and Service agreement with Frontier ensures that the SeHAWK® equipment stays on track to deliver consistent regulatory compliance.

Harnessing data for added intelligence to plant operation

Frontier leverages OSIsoft PI System software as a powerful, cloud-based platform to easily digest, analyze, and comprehend the vast amounts of data that are continually being recorded across a SeHAWK® facility. PI System software provides a sophisticated, yet easy to use tool for an added level of intelligence to SeHAWK® operation.


Care and Service

  • Flexible offering from regular service visits to complete plant operations
  • Biological process troubleshooting expertise
  • Operational data interpretation and oversight, leveraging OSIsoft PI System data analysis software
  • Regular onsite service visits & remote monitoring assistance
  • Nutrient dose tuning and chemistry optimization
  • Microbiological health assessments
  • Onsite analytical testing of key performance indicators


Robust Service

Backed by the largest service network in the U.S.

Displays field service areas for Frontier Water