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Updated Bioreactor Technology for Power generation

Frontier’s biological process solutions integrate with physical/chemical pretreatment for FGD wastewater or can be used in the decommissioning of ash ponds to meet updated federal regulations affecting electric utilities nationwide.

shovelCoal Ash Ponds (CCR Rule)

With finalization of the CCR (Coal Combustion Residuals) rule by the EPA in December 2014, uniform federal standards are now in place for the disposal of coal ash. The CCR includes comprehensive groundwater monitoring and corrective action requirements for constituents such as mercury, arsenic, selenium, nitrate and metals.

CCR disposal currently occurs at more than 310 active-on site landfills, and 735 active on-site surface impoundments. Frontier’s SeHAWK™ reactor offers highly effective mobile, onsite treatment of water during dewatering operations, or groundwater cleanup.

tailingsEffluent Limitation Guidelines for Steam Electric Power Generation (ELG Rule)

The proposed ELG Rule (Effluent Limitation Guidelines), expected to become final by fall 2020, will also regulate CCR ponds, along with other process wastewater streams including flue gas desulfurization for nitrate, arsenic, selenium and mercury.

Biological treatment has been identified as a leading process technology to achieve the proposed limits in the ELG rule.

Frontier’s process flow integrates physical/chemical pretreatment with advanced biological post treatment in a pre-fabricated modular package that effectively pre-treats for targeted oxidants that can inhibit biological performance. Field demonstrated results indicate over that over 98% removal of mercury, nitrate, selenium and arsenic is consistently achievable.

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