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Challenges of mine water treatment

Waste dumps and stockpiles of displaced rock are associated with all mining operations. As snowmelt and rainwater passes through these deposits, selenium, nitrate, and other heavy metals can dissolve in the water to contaminating levels. Mines often have the characteristic of being remote and rugged sites, making it difficult to construct water treatment plant facilities to address impacted waters. Meanwhile, inherent seasonal flow fluctuations  at mines add an additional challenge to establish an efficient and reliable means of treatment.

Modular System
Compact Footprint


Frontier Water Systems handles the challenges facing the mining industries through a prefabricated, efficient, advanced treatment solution. The SeHAWK® bioreactor removes nitrates and selenium with unparalleled equipment footprint and performance. Additionally, the intrinsic modularity of SeHAWK® bioreactor equipment allows for turndown to meet seasonal flow variations.

In a novel approach, Frontier integrates membrane technologies upstream of the SeHAWK® bioreactor to achieve low-level contaminant removal and higher treatment flows without compromising on equipment footprint.

Flexibility in

All of Frontier’s equipment arrives to site prefabricated, providing the customer with complete flexibility of where and how to install treatment while accommodating tight timelines for compliance. Frontier’s all-inclusive SeHAWK® Mobile skid requires only a level gravel surface for installation, allowing for point-of-source treatment in locations that were never-before possible.

For applications where a centralized treatment facility is preferred, the SeHAWK® Link bioreactor provides modular, expandable treatment in a plant based setting that is designed, supplied, delivered, and serviced by Frontier Water Systems.

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