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Biological metals treatment evolved Compact. Simple. Powerful.

A new state of the art solution for removal of selenium and metals

In recent years, biological treatment has been widely recognized as the leading process for removal of several emerging contaminants from water, including selenium. In a biologically based approach, contaminants are transformed from a soluble and toxic form to a solid product that can be safely handled and disposed. This is accomplished using the same bacteria that typically perform this task in nature, but accelerated in an engineered bioreactor.


In the case of selenium, soluble selenate (SeO42-) and selenite (SeO32-) are reduced to a precipitate form that can be isolated and filtered from water:

SeO42- + org. Cā†’ SeO32- + org. C ā†’ Se0+ CO2+ H2O

Although several biological process options exist today for the treatment of selenium, none compare in efficiency to Frontier’s SeHAWK™ series modular bioreactors. This is due to a patent pending and proprietary dual stage process configuration, that is specifically engineered to separately reduce and then filter particulate selenium in a small footprint, while minimizing introduction of collateral pollutants such as organics or other metals.


Frontier’s SeHAWK™ reactors are seeded with a concentrated custom microbial culture which contribute to the development of a robust biofilm suited for reduction, retention and destruction of target pollutants of concern. These cultures proliferate under controlled conditions within an automated engineered environment, perpetually regenerating while delivering a consistent and reliable high quality effluent.