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SeHAWK® 240 gpm Municipal Brine Turnkey Plant Installation

Posted by Rebeccah Chapman

A western US municipality operates a reverse-osmosis drinking water plant that produces a brine stream with elevated selenium and nitrate. In order to comply with state regulations, the brine stream must be treated prior to being discharged to a local waterway. After completing a 2-month pilot study, Frontier Water Systems was selected to design and supply a treatment plant, centered around a SeHAWK® Link modular bioreactor. The SeHAWK® Link  provides the customer with the flexibility for future expansion, a compact footprint, and easily integrates with the existing RO and various auxiliary equipment and treatment processes.

Since startup, the SeHAWK® has consistently removed nitrate to below detection limits and has removed selenium to below the stringent discharge limit of 4.6 ug/L. The success of the plant has enabled the municipality to attain greater independence of drinking water supplies, securing safe drinking water for current needs and future town growth.

1 June 2016

SeHAWK® Pilot Demonstration for High Salinity Waters

Posted by Rebeccah Chapman

To protect local ecosystems from selenium contamination, a water district in California operates a demonstration-scale plant for treatment of selenium in high-salinity natural waters. To test an upgrade to plant capacity and operation, Frontier Water Systems was selected to pilot the SeHAWK® process in conjunction with ultrafiltration and reverse-osmosis pre-treatment.

Over four months of operation, the SeHAWK® process demonstrated selenium removal rates >95%.  Despite changes in water quality, including spikes in feed nitrate concentration and TDS, the SeHAWK® pilot process achieved results that exceeded pilot goals.  These results were achieved while operating at a contact time equal to 20% of other conventional biological treatment also tested on site.

1 May 2016