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SeHAWK® Pilot Demonstration of Shutdown Performance

Posted by Rebeccah Chapman

A southern power utility evaluated a SeHAWK® bioreactor for selenium, nitrate, arsenic, and mercury removal of FGD blowdown water through a long-term pilot trial. This pilot trial included Frontier-provided iron co-precipitation pretreatment.

The pilot demonstrated sustained, long-term, compliance with 2019 ELG standards. Additionally, the pilot underwent two, extended 5-week shutdowns to explore the effects on system performance, demonstrating effective recovery from each of these shutdowns.

6 January 2016

SeHAWK® Pilot Demonstration of FGD Blowdown with high TDS and Chlorides

Posted by Rebeccah Chapman

In 2016, a SeHAWK® pilot bioreactor was installed and operated at an Eastern Power Utility. The pilot system explored treatment of selenium, mercury, and other constituents in high TDS water. The pilot successfully removed selenium below ELG limits for the duration of the study with influent TDS concentrations reaching a maximum level of 38,000 parts per million. The pilot was operated with limited pretreatment and at a lower EBCT than a full-scale system which further demonstrates the capability of biological treatment and opens the door for the possibility of reduced capital expenditure in full-scale designs.

4 January 2016

SeHAWK® Pilot Demonstration of Scalability

Posted by Rebeccah Chapman

Three pilot demonstration units were installed at separate facilities for an eastern power utility. The objective was to explore the efficacy of the SeHAWK® two stage biological treatment system compared to other available technology. The results showed efficient and effective performance which resulted in the purchase of three full-scale systems; plant 1 and plant 2 successfully completed commissioning in early 2019. The full-scale results represent a strong performance link between full-scale and pilot systems.

3 January 2016

SeHAWK® Pilot Demonstration of FGD Blowdown with Variable Pretreatment and High Influent Temperature

Posted by Rebeccah Chapman

A pilot demonstration was installed at a state-run energy facility with feed from a single pass FGD system. Upon startup, the system explored the maximum biological operating temperature of 105°F.

The system experimented with a wide range of pretreatment operational conditions to demonstrate the hardiness of the biological approach. The pilot produced results compliant with the EPA  ELGs, despite varying influent conditions. The ultrafiltration unit demonstrated effective selenium polishing ability during this pilot as well, with a maximum additional removal up to 30 parts per billion.

2 January 2016

SeHAWK® 50 gpm FGD Demonstration Scale Treatment Plant

Posted by Jen Derks

After several SeHAWK® pilot studies showed successful treatment of FGD blowdown for selenium, nitrate, arsenic, and mercury removal, a southern power utility chose to install a demonstration scale SeHAWK® FGD bioreactor at one of their plants in the South Eastern US. The installation was completed in 2016, demonstrating FGD metals compliance below ELG limits. The system was restarted in October 2019 and continues to operate as a demonstration and R&D unit for the client.

1 January 2016