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Committed to Delivering A BETTER ANSWer for America's industry and waterways

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Frontier Water is the pioneer and leading supplier of premium engineered equipment packages for high rate treatment of selenium, nitrate and metals from heavy industry.  Building from a track record of applied performance, our equipment solutions are saving our customers millions of dollars, while providing best in class water to our lakes and rivers.


Finding Balance
Inspired by our customers as they endeavor to maintain a balance between the demand for their products and the need for clean air and water.


Committed to Improvement

Continuous improvement and education are central to the Frontier mission – to lead in the treatment of selenium and metals through high quality, effective and practical engineered bioreactors.

“Partnering with Frontier provided a tremendous competitive advantage. Installation was straightforward, and submittals were detailed and accurate, simplifying the balance of plant design and helping us deliver on schedule and on budget.” – Project Manager, Mine Site Contractor