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At Frontier Water Systems, we help heavy industry and municipalities tackle some of the most difficult water treatment challenges, allowing them to maintain clean lakes and rivers as a top priority, while delivering the natural resources and electricity we all need.


About Frontier


Frontier Water Systems is the pioneer and leading supplier of premium engineered equipment packages for high rate treatment of selenium, nitrate, and metals in both water and wastewater.

Since the onset, setting a new standard for biological water treatment equipment has been a cornerstone of the Frontier Water mission. The innovations required to achieve this goal had to be revolutionary, not incremental. The product line of advanced bioreactors offered today represents years of focused work, experience, and data to provide customers with efficient, affordable, easy to operate systems that comply with dynamic effluent standards.

Frontier first deployed the SeHAWK® Mobile bioreactor in 2014 followed by the inaugural SeHAWK® FGD system in 2016. Developed in 2018, the SeHAWK® Link represents the next innovation in the product lineup. Demonstrated success and performance has made Frontier’s equipment an industry standard and recommended product for selenium, nitrate, mercury, and metals treatment. Committed to leading the field, Frontier continues to actively engage in applied R&D for new revolutionary products to serve the other sectors of the water/wastewater treatment market.



To bring a modernized bioreactor product to market, Frontier Water believes a treatment system needs to be quick and easy to install, while managing the cost to attain treatment goals. Frontier checks all of these boxes with modular, prefabricated equipment products. This approach is a core facet and benefit of working with Frontier Water Systems.


Superior quality is of utmost importance at Frontier, for quality equipment enables advanced functionality and lasting performance. An efficient, specialized team when combined with a compact, high performance product allows Frontier to prioritize quality without compromising on total system cost. Frontier Water has developed fabrication standards and quality programs which commonly exceed customer expectations and specifications.

A multifaceted and experienced engineering team oversees all project phases, from bidding, through execution, to operational support. Once delivered, Frontier supplies customers with a field service team to oversee successful installation, commissioning, and performance of all Frontier Water furnished equipment.


Frontier Water believes that modern day water treatment challenges warrant a modern day technologically advanced approach. Frontier Water delivers this by outfitting all products with sophisticated automation, remote operation, and cloud-based data analysis capabilities. A specialized team of control engineers composes intricate control logic to enable intelligent, hands-free operation for guaranteed performance.


Frontier & Evoqua 

In October of 2019, Evoqua Water Technologies entered into a unique and groundbreaking partnership with Frontier Water Systems. This partnership strengthens Frontier Water System’s manufacturing footprint, facilitates the union of conventional treatment technologies with Frontiers’ advanced treatment product offerings, while expanding plant operations, and service capabilities.

The value of
A Higher Standard

Frontier Water goes above and beyond what you would expect from an equipment provider. We have higher standards for what we consider a successfully executed project, and our customers are the ones that benefit.

Frontier Water is comprised of a multifaceted and highly productive team of engineers. Working with Frontier, you can expect detailed design submittals incorporating 3-D modelled equipment drawings, geotechnical, structural, civil, electrical and mechanical components. The production facility at Frontier Water’s headquarters boasts an electrical panel design and fabrication shop, and a space for equipment assembly and testing, warranting that all prefabricated equipment goes out the door with assured quality.

At the end of the day, the higher standard of Frontier Water’s products leads to lower risks for our customers. High quality, modular, prefabricated equipment minimizes construction and installation costs while reducing potential for operational upsets or downtime. During early project phases, complete engineering packages reduce liabilities and lower contingency costs. After equipment installation, included performance guarantees and use of OSIsoft PI System data comprehension software reduces performance risk.

With a track record of accommodating the tightest of project schedules, Frontier’s team is committed to delivering project deliverables on time and with high quality. The Frontier project management team oversees engineering, procurement, fabrication and commissioning/performance testing efforts. Beyond equipment commissioning, a field team of degreed engineers stand by our customers to ensure optimal equipment operation.