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A Natural Evolution in Selenium Treatment

At Frontier Water Systems, we help the world’s heavy industry tackle some of the most difficult
emerging wastewater treatment challenges, allowing them to maintain clean lakes and rivers
as a top priority, while delivering the raw materials, power and energy we all need to get through life.


Solutions for today’s industry

Delivering process equipment solutions, tailored specifically to address unique challenges in each operation

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Small footprint |
Big Impact
State of the Art Treatment of Selenium and Metals

Revolutionizing the current approach to treatment of selenium and metals using biological treatment in a prefabricated process reactor




Accelerating a natural process

Frontier Bioreactors use the same microbiological process that occurs in nature to control certain contaminants of concern such as selenium and nitrate, but rapidly accelerated in an engineered bioreactor.

Selected and Concentrated Microbes at work


The Frontier system has been instrumental in successfully reducing our environmental footprint. It has proven to be effective at removing 97% of the selenium from our stream, at a remarkably smaller footprint and lower cost over other options that we evaluated.

— Environmental Manager at Western US Copper Mine


Answering Regulatory Requirements solutions for electric utilities

CCR and ELG regulations are transforming management of waste streams from ash ponds and FGD. Biological treatment will play a critical role in addressing a number of the constituents of concern including selenium, nitrate and mercury.

Frontier for Power


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